S.W.Basics Hibiscus Mask


2.5 oz.

S.W.Basics Hibiscus Mask is a potent blend of alpha-hydroxy-acid-packed organic hibiscus for increased cell turnover, mineral-rich French green clay to draw out toxins, and complexion-soothing organic lavender. For added awesomeness, the hibiscus gives the mask a bright burgundy color, making it the perfect highlight to a good old-fashioned night of pajamas, pizza, and best-friends-forever.

Mix 1 tsp. Hibiscus Mask with 1 tsp. water, yogurt, or honey. Apply to face, let dry, and then rinse off.

Organic hibiscus flower powder, french green clay, organic lavender powder 


S.W. Basics Hibiscus Mask – Ah, so: This mask looks like dried blood once it’s sitting on your face, but don’t be scared! Its simple formula—it’s made of only three ingredients: hibiscus, green clay, and lavender—belies the stunning, clarifying effect it has on skin. Plus, we actually think the whole “dried blood” thing is cool. So there’s also that.” – Kristin Iverson, Brooklyn Magazine