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Every once in a while, I come across a product/brand that captures me instantly and I want to learn more about it - and that's exactly what happened when I discovered Wyld Skincare. Minimal, effective and 100% natural, their konjac sponge has quickly become a skincare favorite of mine. It cleanses and purifies without irritating skin, leaving it noticeably smoother. It is a local brand based in Toronto and the founder, Joy, is such an inspiring person. I asked her if she could provide insight into the brand and she happily obliged. If you’d like to learn more, please read on!

What is Wyld Skincare?
Wyld Skincare is a green beauty company founded by myself in 2016, with the mission of creating a brand of skincare that is kind to the skin and the world around us.

It is based on the premise that simple can be extraordinary, and less is more. That means skincare that nurtures our skin using only the best ingredients that nature offers, while also being cruelty-free and sustainable. The question is not why, but why not? We are now not only aware of what is good for us, but also of the footprint we leave on the world. We have the ability to make educated choices and make changes to what we put into and on our bodies more than ever before - and this love, kindness, generosity and more compassionate way of life starts at home - on our own bodies.

How did it all start? 
I suffered from a hereditary skin condition from a young age. This condition meant that from the time I was a toddler I would spend hours in the bath exfoliating my skin, trying to make my skin look ‘normal’. My journey in searching for solutions cultivated a lifelong love and learning for natural skincare and led to the inception of Wyld Skincare. As I was on my quest to step up my own skincare routine, I discovered the konjac plant and how this little miracle plant that’s been used as a health food for centuries in Asian cultures for its medicinal properties, is also incredibly durable and gentle as a cleansing sponge due to its nutrient-rich fibres and water retention abilities. I became obsessed with how it made my face glow day-after-day and it became indispensable part of my beauty routine. Determined to offer the purest, unadulterated konjac sponge that is natural and free of any chemicals, colours, preservatives and fragrance - and Wyld was born! We knew right off the bat that we found something truly special - a game changer and ritual essential for girls everywhere, and needless to say, we wanted to share this with the world.

What is a konjac sponge and where do the ingredients come from?
The sponge is free of any chemicals unlike synthetic sponges that have chemical preservatives. Most of them are not labeled, so most consumers are not aware of what is in these sponges. Wyld Skincare facial sponges are plant-based, totally natural and biodegradable.

Devil's Tongue, Snake Plant, Voodoo Lily - or best known as konjac - is a plant that is native to Japan, China and Korea and is grown wild in mountainous regions. After harvesting, the fibres of the plant are lovingly handmade and molded into sponges.

How do you use it?
Wyld sponges are best when wet. It may seem hard and rough at first touch, but soak it in some warm water and it blooms into a big softy right before your eyes. Massage it onto your skin with or without cleanser, taking extra care of problem areas such as around the t-zone or on dry skin. Use daily to maintain healthy skin. The result: oh-so-soft, smooth, babe-ly skin. 

Pro tips: Wyld sponges are also great for buffing your lips before a night out, helping lipstick/gloss glide on for an extra delicious looking pout. I also like to dampen the sponge in some cold water and press against my eyes in the morning to de-puff and achieve brighter peepers.

Be sure to hang your Wyld sponge in a well-ventilated area to dry and replace it every 1-2 months.

How do konjac sponges benefit your skin?
Wyld konjac sponges clean and gently exfoliate leaving skin soft, dewy and happy. Added to daily beauty rituals, the sponge helps to buff away dirt, combat blackheads, dull and flaky skin and stimulates skin renewal.

Regular gentle exfoliation promotes healthy, glowy skin. If you’re applying nutrient-rich treatments on your skin, but don’t exfoliate regularly, your dead skin is lapping up the goodness and having all the fun, creating a barrier that prevents treatments from sinking into your skin. The result is dull, tired looking skin, and lots of wasted products! On the other hand, harsh scrubs strip your skin of natural oils and irritates the skin. Wyld sponges being so gentle yet effective, give your skin the right balance of tough love it needs.

Our konjac sponges have a natural pH to perfectly balance the pH levels on your skin, as our skin is slightly acidic. This helps to create a harmonious environment on the skin that promotes optimum skin health. It's also incredibly gentle for those with eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, blemish-prone or sensitive skin.

Wyld Skincare is just the type of brand we love to support – local, minimal and effective. With such excitement around the brand, how could we not do a giveaway?! The giveaway is being hosted on Instagram so please be sure to visit our page to enter for more details and a chance to win! Good luck!! 

*Giveaway ended May 5, 2017 at 12PM. Thank you everyone for participating!



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