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VitaBotanica brings beauty to life through plant-based, organic, vegan, cruelty-free products of the highest artisanal quality, the utmost boutique luxury, and the best ingredients, techniques, and expertise. We embrace your power to choose beauty that is truly free from hidden chemicals, synthetic derivatives, and harsh processing. We are dedicated to simplicity and integrity in everything we share with you.

Each product has been selected from local and independent craftspeople for their sustainable ingredients, ethical creation, and transparent methods. It has been selected for the purity and superiority of their ingredients, minimalism and honesty of their composition, and vitality and effectiveness of their results. Everything we share with you is gorgeous, lavish, and completely conscious. For us, beauty is choice—and choice is empowering.



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The Green Edit

Oil Cleansing with Pamplemousse

It is important to cleanse the face properly before beginning your skincare routine daily and removing the build-up on your skin. Don’t be afraid to try out oil cleansers especially if you have oily or acne prone skin as it can be especially beneficial for you. Leahlani Skincare’s Pamplemousse Tropical Enzyme Cleansing Oil is made of the most exotic ingredients like plumeria flowers, pink and white grapefruit and guava fruit extract and has a beautiful vanilla/citrusy aroma.

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Summer Favourites 2018

Summer is here and that means amongst other things (like camping!) tweaking your skincare routine. There are a lot of products that I love however, I have narrowed down my top 6 for this Summer!

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Cleanse with Wyld Konjac & Giveaway

 Wyld Skincare is a green beauty company founded by myself in 2016, with the mission of creating a brand of skincare that is kind to the skin and the world around us. It is based on the premise that simple can be extraordinary, and less is more. That means skincare that nurtures our skin using only the best ingredients that nature offers, while also being cruelty-free and sustainable.

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